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How to Apply

Application Process

The Lynch Foundation has a rolling application process that welcomes any not-for-profit organization to submit a concept paper through our website at any time. All proposals should include a concise overview of the organization, relevant program information and describe how the organization shares our mission to create sustainable social change. Once received, the Lynch Foundation will examine the applicant’s merits and inform them of their decision.

To begin your partnership with us, submit your online proposal.

Apply for a Grant

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical size of a grant?
The Foundation generally does not fund more than 5% of an organization’s total budget.
Does The Foundation provide emergency or immediate funding?
The Foundation does not typically provide emergency or immediate funding. We tend to focus on strengthening an organization, and look to achieve a long-term effect.
Does The Foundation make successive-year or multi-year grants?
Yes, we do provide successive-year or multi-year grants, as our funding program is intended to strengthen nonprofit organizations.
If our concept paper is rejected how long should we wait to submit another request?
First, acknowledge the reason for being declined. If the reason was your organization does not fit the mission, then please do not send another concept paper. If the reason is The Foundation is currently funding similar organizations, submit a concept paper 12–18 months later.
If our grant application is rejected, how long do we have to wait to request funding from The Foundation?
5 Years.
If we are awarded a grant, how long do we have to wait to request funding from The Foundation?
5 Years.
If our concept paper is approved, how long before we need to have the application completed, and when can we expect a decision regarding our request?
Once a complete application has been received, it generally takes one to three months to conduct thorough research and review. The entire grant-making process, including initial approach, review process, and grant-making decision takes about six to nine months.
Do The Foundation Staff or Trustees conduct site visits? If yes, should I call to schedule a site visit or meeting?
Yes, The Foundation Staff and Trustees do conduct a site visit. But please do not call. Once the application has been reviewed a staff member will call to schedule a visit.

Contact The Lynch Foundation

For more information about The Lynch Foundation, contact us using one of the methods below. Emailed, faxed, and mailed grant proposals will not be accepted.

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